Bettina (who is played by Amanda Rea.) is the female model working for free to Sophia to model the clothes for Nasty Gal. She is known for being unhumanly/alien-like, open to relationships with all genders and extremely attractive. She only makes 4 appearances, in the episodes, Top 8, Motherfuckin' Graph bars, I Come Crashing, and The Launch. 

Bettina's sexuality Edit

She is most likely bisexual, pansexual or doesn't have a label but is attracted to any gender. As she seems to flirt with Sophia's best friend, Annie. A quote by Bettina herself, " I'm into everything" in the context when Annie said, "I'm not really into girls."

She did go on a date with a millionaire, who she confirmed was female to Sophia, who jokingly replied: "Blink twice if it was Oprah."

Bettina's "alien" traitsEdit

The storyline which is a long-lived joke that Bettina was, in fact, an alien sent down to seduce mankind. These remarks were started by Annie, inspired by Bettina's gorgeousness, and the fact she ate a fly with a swift move of her. tongue, resembling a frog. She is very monotone and rarely speaks.